Practices Must Be Trained In OSHA’s New Labeling Guidelines

April 3, 2012 – In The News
American Medical News
Soon all medical practices will have to train employees to use revised labels and safety data sheets for potentially hazardous chemicals. These products with revised labels include cleaning agents such as bleach, disinfectants and glass cleaners, and substances used for local or general anesthesia. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule on March 20 describing its new hazard communication standard. The new hazard communication standard will bring the U.S. in line with the United Nations’ global chemical labeling system.

Training of employees must be provided by medical practices by December 1, 2013. Ian D. Meklinsky, a Partner in the firm’s Princeton office, recently spoke to American Medical News about the new training process. Meklinsky said, “You have to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks. Do you have records, and can you establish that everyone went through the training?”

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