Rainmakers Rake It In

November 21, 2013 – In The News
Diversity & The Bar

Darrell D. Miller was featured in the Diversity & The Bar article “Rainmakers Rake It In.” While the full text can be found in the November/December 2013, issue of Diversity & The Bar, a synopsis is noted below.

After traveling the world, performing as a classically trained singer, Miller realized he could achieve more success in the arts from the business side. His practice took off in the 1990s when television networks began to widely broadcast shows about African American culture and hip hop artists were becoming more prominent in pop culture. During this time, Miller promoted the cross-over careers of high-profile music artists DMX, Outkast, Master P, Missy Elliot and Ludacris.

Today, Miller’s practice focuses on film, TV, music, new media and licensing. Its core is transactional deal making around development, production, distribution and marketing.

“I spent the last four years at Fox proving the concept that an entertainment-based, strictly transactional practice can exist within a national firm. The next phase will include growing our business model and expanding our practice scope within the department to include gray areas like video gaming and digital technology.”