San Bernardino Filing Defends its Level of Finance Department Staffing

February 11, 2013 – In The News
The San Bernardino Sun

In the continuing San Bernardino bankruptcy case, the California Public Employee Retirement System argues that the departure of city budget officials and the continued understaffing of the finance department have prevented the city from giving CalPERS necessary documents. Of eight high-priority items identified by CalPERS, four have not been produced and two have been only partially produced

CalPERS, which along with the union representing the city's middle managers argues San Bernardino does not qualify for bankruptcy protection, asks to defer scheduling related to a trial on eligibility and instead to have another hearing in about two weeks. The city says three weeks would be a good time frame for the hearing.

The judge is unlikely to overrule that agreement, said Michael Sweet, a bankruptcy attorney with Fox in San Francisco.