Saucon Valley Teachers Now Say OK to Nonbinding Arbitration

May 22, 2015 – In The News
The Morning Call

Jeffrey Sultanik was quoted in The Morning Call article, “Saucon Valley Teachers Now Say OK to Nonbinding Arbitration.” Full text can be found in the May 22, 2015, article, but a synopsis is below.

The Saucon Valley teachers union and school board finally agreed to go through with a nonbinding arbitration, according to the district labor attorney, Jeffrey Sultanik.

This decision was made only a few days after union officials stated they did not want to enter a nonbinding arbitration and wanted to continue negotiations. The next day, the teachers voted in a new leadership team.

"Following the intervention of the state mediator and extensive discussions between the parties,” Sultanik said, “the Saucon Valley School Board and the Saucon Valley Education Association have finally agreed to proceed to nonbinding arbitration at a private hearing that will take place on July 29.”

Both parties agreed to use attorney Timothy Brown, to which Sultanik wrote, “Brown is an experienced arbitrator who has conducted many fact-findings and nonbinding arbitrations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

The union and the school board will have to present a contract with a final offer. Next there will be a 10 day period in which the arbitrator will listen to the public’s thoughts on the offers, wrote Sultanik.

Sultanik also wrote that district officials are required to supply information on its finances.

The arbitrator must submit his final recommendation by August 19, Sultanik also noted.