SNJBP Asks the Legal Experts at Fox Rothschild

December 1, 2012 – In The News
South New Jersey Business People

SNJBP sat down with attorneys at Fox Rothschild to discus legal issues relevant to its readers. First the publication asked attorneys to rate the state of the economy nationally and in the region. In both cases Fox Rothschild gave the economy a 70 on a scale of 100. The firm sees the economy as “flat to improving” as opposed to deteriorating.

The publication also asked about steps needed to address the recession and changes in the economic climate before inquiring how the firm develops new business relationships.

“The development of business relationships is an art, not a science. However, there are some tried and true activities. Ian D. Meklinsky added his personal perspective. “I find that business relationships are developed extensively from (1) referrals from other clients and business partners, (2) participation in business-related organizations (e.g., SNJBP, Chamber, NJBIA), (3) participation in trade associations (e.g., bar association, various industry specific groups), and, of course (4) good friends and family.”

The publication also asked about the firm’s newest, biggest, or most important current projects or assignments. Again, it was Meklinsky who responded, saying “Currently I am working with a quasigovernmental agency of a foreign government to assist it and companies from that host country in establishing business operations here in the United States (including New Jersey). This engagement is significant as it has encompassed not only labor and employment law (my particular area of concentration) but has also required services in a variety of other practice areas: corporate, real estate, taxation and intellectual property, to name a few. I am also intimately involved in a number of collective bargaining negotiations (on behalf of the companies) that are becoming increasingly difficult as a result of the unknown costs and impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as “Obamacare”). Additionally, I am enjoying working closely with our employee benefits and executive compensation practice groups to fine tune various employee benefit and compensation programs for clients that will go into effect in 2013.”

SNJBP then asked Meklinsky how his answers affect the advice he is giving the companies he represents.

“I periodically meet with clients to get their feedback on projects we’ve handled for them and to gauge how the advice I or others provided impacted the end result,” he responded. “I’m happy to say that almost universally, the counsel we provided resulted in a more cost-effective and productive outcome for the client on the specific issue or matter. Clients have told me they truly value our advice.”

Lastly, the publication asked what the new trends or innovations within the legal profession are and how Fox Rothschild is embracing or utilizing them to grow or expand its business.

“As an industry, the legal profession is getting more actively involved in social media, and Fox is proudly leading the way in that endeavor. Our firm was named #1 in blogging among law firms worldwide by an industry publication this past spring. We have more than 30 practice-area specific blogs that are not only current but have been recognized for their quality and helpfulness. We also demonstrate fee flexibility for our clients and have formulated alternative fee structures when the need arises to accommodate all parties. Additionally, to maintain our client-centric focus, we expanded participation in our in-house continuing legal education programs to our clients and friends of the firm. All of these initiatives illustrate Fox’s commitment to providing value-added services to our clients, which we believe is necessary to remain competitive in today’s legal marketplace.”