South Florida Business Journal Honors Fox Rothschild Among the Healthiest Employers in South Florida

May 31, 2012 – In The News
South Florida Business Journal
Fox Rothschild LLP is featured as one of the Healthiest Employers in South Florida in the May 31, 2012 edition of the South Florida Business Times for its “Fox Fit & Well” and “Destination: You” initiatives that are aimed at improving employee health and wellness.

The firm partnered with the Vitality Group to introduce a tailored program designed to set individualized goals while focusing on verifiable activities and outcomes. This program, “Fox Fit & Well,” not only includes everyone at the firm, but also family members of employees.

Another initiative that was spearheaded by the firm’s Human Resources Department is “Destination: You,” a program designed to award employees for increased activity. The firm awarded several prizes to participating employees, including travel vouchers totaling $5,000.

Since 2011, participation rates for “Fox Fit & Well” have increased from 30 to 47 percent. The number of participants classified as “overweight” has fallen 5 percent, high blood pressure by 2.2 percent, high total cholesterol by 1.4 percent and impaired glucose by 1.5 percent. Participants in the program are also involved in disease management programs, compliance with cholesterol monitoring and eye exam/glucose monitoring of diabetic members. Also in the last year, the firm’s catastrophic claims in excess of $50,000 have reduced from twelve to five.