Supreme Disappointment

April 2, 2012 – In The News
NJ Biz

The recent rejection of Phillip Kwon’s nomination to the New Jersey Supreme Court has brought attention to how high the stakes are for the future of the state’s highest court, and for New Jersey business owners whose operations are shaped by its rulings.

Many business lawyers have said that any changes will affect the future relationship between business owners and the high court.

Eric M. Wood, Managing Partner of the firm’s Atlantic City office, recently spoke to NJ Biz about the state’s Supreme Court and how businesses look at it.

Wood believes that while the court enjoys a solid legal reputation for producing strong, well-reasoned decisions, "businesses don't look at it that way."

"I'm not saying that's right or that's wrong. I think there is a perception in New Jersey from businesses that this is a very difficult state to do business. Taxes are high, it's highly regulated and there's a lot of litigation here."

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