The Slippery Glass Floor

October 29, 2014 – In The News
Human Resource Executive Online

Nancy Yaffe was quoted in the Human Resource Executive Online article, “The Slippery Glass Floor.” Full text can be found in the October 29, 2014, issue, but a synopsis is below.

The 2014 report, The Glass Floor – Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry, by worker-advocacy groups the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and Forward Together, found that 90 percent of female restaurant workers experience sexual harassment.

In 2005, the California state legislature passed Assembly Bill 1825 that requires all employers with more than 50 workers to provide harassment prevention training every two years and within six months of someone being hired or promoted to manager or supervisor, said Nancy Yaffe.

“Without training there’s a real hesitancy by managers, even if they see things that they might not find appropriate, to know how to address it and balance the needs of the employee with the needs of the business,” explained Yaffe.

“You can’t throw every customer out, it’s a delicate balance that’s not necessarily easy to strike,” she noted.

Incorporating “what-if” scenarios into training programs can prove helpful to many organizations, according to Yaffe.

"Create real-life situations that can either be discussed or role-played," she said. "The anti-harassment policy also needs to state that it’s management’s obligation to take these complaints seriously and escalate them in an appropriate way."