The Top-Earning Women In Music

December 14, 2011 – In The News

Despite the fact that women have made successful earnings in the music industry, including Lady Gaga, who reportedly grossed more than $90 million this year, only five women made the list of top 25 highest paid musicians for 2011. Lori Landew commented on this saying "[w]omen artists seem to be less likely to diversify their holdings and to build multi-tier enterprises to take advantage of their success and celebrity. What remains unclear, however, is whether this is because these women have less of an entrepreneurial spirit than their male counterparts, which I doubt, or whether they are simply presented with fewer opportunities.”

Landew believes that male artists are approached more for such ventures, as well as movie roles and lucrative endorsement deals. The latter two options, she adds, become even more unattainable to female stars as they age, especially compared to men. Still, bright spots abound.

“There are several notable exceptions,” she says. “One need only look at Oprah or Madonna to know that it doesn’t take a Y chromosome to be a successful entertainment visionary or entrepreneur.”

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