‘This Is It:’ Michael Jackson’s Earnings Boom

October 29, 2009 – In The News
The Christian Science Monitor

Michael Jackson made more money than Elvis Presley in 2009 – $90 million versus $55 million, according to a Forbes report. But will Jackson top the ranks of highest-earning celebrity estates ever, and will his untimely death make a difference? Those who track the money that trails the famous long after their passing are doubtful, especially since the Jackson estate is reportedly mired in some $435 million in debt.

Darrell Miller noted that Jackson's death has meant an end to what many observers called an out-of-control spending habit. "The general feeling about dead rock stars, and dead athletes for that matter, is that they are more financially successful in death than when they were alive," Miller stated. "His cost of life was so high when he was alive, but now he's not consuming any more and the intellectual property all turns into gross revenues against debt."