Time for Women To Take Charge

July 3, 2015 – In The News
Philadelphia Business Journal

Stephanie Resnick was quoted in the Philadelphia Business Journal about the dearth of female CEOs in the article, “Time for Women To Take Charge.” Full text can be found in the July 3, 2015, issue, but a synopsis is noted below.

While the lack of female CEOs in the Greater Philadelphia region and nationwide is glaring, many women leaders agree that very few men actively discriminate against women anymore.

One big issue that could be preventing women from being put into leadership roles is that many women are forced to balance family lives and work lives in a way that men often don’t have to.

According to Stephanie Resnick, a partner at Fox Rothschild, managers often pass over women for bigger, career-defining projects as they focus more time on their families. There has become an increased expectation in recent years for employees to pour their time into a company if they want to get ahead.

In March, Germany passed a law requiring some of Europe’s largest companies to fill 30 percent of its board seats with women, a move that has generated quite a bit of dialogue among the women leaders in Philadelphia.

But quotas would be a radical change in the region, and Resnick said she doesn’t expect to see that kind of shift.

Resnick said women often provide a broader view when it comes to finding solutions, and they need to vocalize their value to as many people as possible.