Trial Ordered After Failure to Disclose Murder-Suicide

December 27, 2011 – In The News
Daily Business Review

Abraham Reich commented on the case between a home buyer and the home's seller who did not disclose that a murder-suicide took place in the home.

Judge John T. Bender of Pennsylvania Superior Court said although the seller reached out to various real estate agencies to be sure that he did not have to disclose the information, he should have disclosed the fact by simply acting on good faith. Judge Kate Ford Elliot argued saying the disclosure was not required as a matter of law and that the ruling presents other problems as well such as time frame for a murder.

Reich said he thought the case raised significant policy issues for the sale of real estate.

"The industry has historically been of the view that you did not have to disclose psychological issues such as that. What if there was a serious injury in the house or a serious illness?"