True Romance: Jobs, School Kept Uprooting Texas Tech Grads

November 29, 2014 – In The News
Dallas News Life

K. Patrick Babb was featured in the Dallas News Life article, “True Romance: Jobs, School Kept Uprooting Texas Tech Grads.” Full text can be found in the November 29, 2014, issue, but a synopsis is below.

As Patrick Babb set off to attend law school at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, his girlfriend, Jenny Steele, wondered what was to come.

“She kind of said, ‘What’s going to happen to us? Is this still a thing?’ I kind of freaked out,” Fox Attorney Patrick Babb explained. It had never crossed his mind that anything would change, he always assumed Jenny would move to San Antonio after she graduated.

“I had already fallen in love with him, but I tried not to be a crazy-in-love girl,” she says. “I told him, ‘If after a year we’re still together, then maybe I might consider moving.’ That pretty much broke his heart.”

She and Patrick picked up where they left off when Jenny moved to San Antonio to pursue her education at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Soon after, Patrick was hired by a Dallas law firm and had to leave Jenny behind again.

Patrick started planning his proposal once Jenny finally finished school and moved to Dallas.

“The marriage thing was set before I even went to law school,” says Patrick. “I knew I was in love with Jenny. The first time I realized it was when I was doing a congressional internship in Amarillo … I was laying there trying to go to sleep and thinking, ‘I really miss Jenny.’ It was a feeling I had never experienced. It hit me so hard.”

So on December 20, 2013, Patrick’s elaborate proposal began to unfold in San Antonio. “I told Jenny there was a candlelight mass that I really wanted to see because it was supposed to be so beautiful,” noted Patrick.

They rushed in and out of the hotel and walked to the grotto, which was now decorated with rose petals and glowing candles. Jenny still didn’t think anything of it when a photographer started snapping photos, claiming she was with the university.

“When I saw rose petals on the ground, he said, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s the Catholic color of Christmas.’ Mmm, I don’t think so,” Jenny said.

When Patrick dropped to one knee Jenny says that “My heart was racing, I felt dizzy, and my knees felt weak.” She looked up to see her mom was present and she lost it. “I just started crying.”

“You imagine what it would be like to be proposed to, especially after being with someone so long. It was better than anything I could have ever imagined or wanted. It was perfect.”

Patrick and Jenny were married November 22, 2014.