What Is To Become of Valley Road School?

May 18, 2011 – In The News
The Valley Road School, located on Witherspoon Street in Princeton, has become the topic of debate between the school district and alumni of the school.

Currently, the school district has plans to evict those that currently rent out the building, which includes Princeton Township Affordable Housing, Corner House and Princeton Community TV, after June 30 due to what the school board considers to be significant deteriorations.

Alumni and local residents formed the Valley Road School Active Reuse Committee (ARC) to help stop the eviction by imposing a plan to renovate the building and rent out the space to nonprofit organizations.

According to Richard Woodbridge, ARC is looking to raise money for the community center project in two phases. He says the ultimate plan for the school could be to just renovate within the existing footprint or possibly expand on the northern side to make a place for Corner House. So far the group has raised $10,000 and wants to secure commitment from the board before continuing.

"It's kind of a chicken-and-egg thing," he says. "You can't really get a serious commitment [from the public] until you get a serious commitment from the school board."

The ARC will formally present its proposal to the school board on June 1.