Why Physicians Need To Prioritize Fraud and Abuse Compliance

March 9, 2012 – In The News
Physicians Practice

Fraud and abuse compliance is becoming a growing and costly concern for the healthcare industry. These days, a seemingly innocent offense – such as a simple billing or coding mistake made repeatedly by a staff member – could cost the physician a lot. And, new rules written into the Affordable Care Act require that physician’s return identified overpayments to Medicare and other federal payers within 60 days.

Todd A. Rodriguez, co-chair of the firm’s Health Law Practice, recently spoke to Physicians Practice about this issue. “These [overpayments] can be very significant. If you’ve been billing improperly for you know, two or three or four years, and the government comes back and says you know, you owe us $150,000, there’s no insurance that’s going to pay that for you. You’re going to have to pay it.”

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