Businesses of all types rely on data-intensive digital advertising technology to reach and understand their customers. The collection, custody and care of this critical consumer information carries significant risk, particularly in light of rapidly changing state, federal and international data privacy regulations and ever advancing technology.

Odia Kagan closely follows the AdTech industry, and writes and presents frequently on the latest data privacy developments in this rapidly evolving space.

Article: User IDs Without Cookies or Logins: Is Fingerprinting an Option?

With transparency, user consent, and data protection mechanisms businesses can expand user identification beyond logins to create a scalable framework that works for everyone.

Article: On-Device User ID Technology Offers Privacy Benefits

It may be implemented differently across different operating systems, but on-device tech is likely to be the future framework of the open web.

Article: Evaluating Post-Cookie Identity Solutions

There is emerging consensus, industry-wide, about what identity and addressability should look like in the future.

Article: France's CNIL Issues Chatbot Data Protection Guidance

France’s CNIL, Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, has issued guidance on data protection in the use of chatbots.

Article: More Customers Using Messaging Channels to Interact With Brands

Many customers expect two-way interaction with a brand through messaging or online chat.

Article: Bulletproofing Identity Solutions: No Workarounds for Informed Consent

"There are no workarounds for informed consent…advertisers need to secure consumer permission before using their data, and they need to secure that permission transparently."

Article: Efforts to Police User IDs Should Avoid Anticompetitive Outcomes

Companies and governments should avoid taking steps that hurt small-to-midsized companies in an an effort to improve user ID privacy.

Alert: IAB Europe Updates Advice on Ad Targeting Without Third-Party Cookies

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe recently updated its Guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era. In this client alert, Odia provides key takeaways and offers an overview of the various targeting techniques used today and some options and consideration going forward.

Article: Connected TV Device IDs Key to Future of Targeted Digital Ads

With the industry moving away from cookies, experts suggest connected TV device IDs may become the next key to linking people and their devices in a secure way at the household level.

Article: IAB Benchmark Survey Offers Insight Into Industry's CCPA Compliance Efforts

Key takeaways from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Legal Affairs Council's CCPA Benchmark Survey, which asked privacy attorneys in the industry about key elements of the California Consumer Privacy Act and their compliance efforts, in its first year of implementation.

Article: French Data Protection Authority Offers Advice on Cookies, Trackers

Highlights from CNIL's detailed guidance on online cookies and trackers, including guidelines, recommendations, FAQs and a statement on audience measurement.

Article: Are Data ‘Bunkers’ a Privacy-Safe Way to Connect Identity

Company creates databases that mirrors brands' data environment to match against other databases for planning, activation or measurement.

Article: Addressable TV Offers Advertisers Another Targeting Option

Advertisers and agencies are increasingly using addressable TV to reach customers at the household level.

Article: CTV Audience Data Transforming Ad-Funded Streaming

CTV device IDs may become the center of the audience identification puzzle. 

Article: U.S. Overdue for Smart National Data Privacy Law

Companies committed to ethical data use need to enter the debate with a balanced, or “middle ground” approach now, or risk losing trust, sentiment and engagement, very soon. 

Article: New Venture Offers Another Option for the Post-Cookie World

The combination between a contextually-focused exchange and authenticated trafficsets out to enable private marketplace buys that have been curated to include both a marketer’s own customers and the contexts in which they want to be.

Article: Data Collection Ethics a Growing Concern for Advertisers

According to the World Federation of Advertisers, 74% of CMOs say data ethics will be more important to their role in the next five years.