Collecting Chairmen, Warrington Law Firm Home to Numerous VIPs

November 13, 2014 – In The News
Bucks County Herald

Fox Rothschild was featured in the Bucks County Herald article, “Collecting Chairmen, Warrington Law Firm Home to Numerous VIPs.” Full text can be found in the November 13, 2014, issue, but a synopsis is below.

Fox Rothschild opened its Warrington office in March 2005, proving that large law firms can not only survive, but thrive in the suburbs.

Robert W. Gundlach Jr., explains that the office is a draw for attorneys. “It’s a great spot for them to raise their families and to reside here. In the old days, to work at a firm such as ours, they had to drive down into the city. Now, they can drive five minutes to and from the office and live in a great community and still work for a large firm.”

What differentiates the Central Bucks County office from Fox’s other locations is that least six of the 31 employees hold prominent leadership roles within Fox Rothschild.

Gundlach, who is chair of Fox’s Real Estate Department is joined by John J. Haggerty, co-chair of the Litigation Department, Jeffrey H. Nicholas, chair of the Corporate Department, Elizabeth D. Sigety, chair of the Franchising, Licensing and Distribution Group and co-chair of the Tech and Venture Finance Group, Peter J. Tucci, chair of the International Practice Group and Carl Anthony Maio, chair of the Corporate Insurance Department.

“It’s a matter of being on the lookout for that talent, that expertise, and it just so happened that they all ended up in Warrington,” noted Warrington’s Office Managing Partner, Adam G. Silverstein. “I think it is very unique that a firm this size has this much of a reach on a national level and has that many chairs of departments sitting right here in this office.”

When asked what differentiates Fox Rothschild from its competitors Gundlach stated, “Our depth. We’re made up of some of the most experienced and competent attorneys in the region. We work together as a team, so we’re not out there on an island. If we need help, we have the resources in this office of in other offices to get things done. We’re fortunate because this office has a deep bench and we have attorneys with so many areas of practice based upon the chairmanships of these different departments. We have a deep bench right here in Bucks County to service our clients.”

Fox Rothschild takes full advantage of technological advances as well. “I can get on videoconference with my partners in the Real Estate Department and Denver, and we can review matters together as if were all sitting around the same conference table,” Gundlach said.

All the chairmen also call the Central Bucks County area home. I just love this area,” noted Silverstein. “To work for a firm such as Fox, to be part of a firm like this and then to be part of the Central Bucks area, its gravy.”