CCPA Scope Adviser

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) took effect on Jan. 1, 2020, imposing strict new data privacy requirements on many businesses with ties to California. However, determining an individual company's exposure can be complicated. This free, easy-to-use online tool helps businesses determine whether they are subject to the law and provides tips on designing a compliance plan.
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State Data Privacy Law Tracker

Our privacy law tracker provides a concise update on the status and content of state consumer data privacy protection laws — both proposed and enacted — compiled and updated regularly by the attorneys of Fox Rothschild’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group.
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U.S. Data Breach Statutes

Sensitive data. Gone. Stolen by faceless thieves who breached the company’s seemingly secure network. But combating potential catastrophe and navigating proper response protocol has never been easier, thanks to Fox Rothschild’s searchable U.S. Data Breach Statutes e-book and its companion iPhone app Data Breach 411. The e-book and app provide details of data breach notification statutes for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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GDPR Readiness Checklist

Compliance made simple. Our GDPR checklist makes it easy for companies to gauge their compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – a complex set of data privacy rules governing the personal data of all EU individuals. The questionnaire maps an organization’s data management practices and policies across 17 areas to help determine GDPR compliance. It’s now easier for businesses to understand GDPR law and avoid heavy noncompliance penalties.
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Cyber Academy: Data Privacy 101 for Students

As a public service, the firm offers a lively, school-based program led by Privacy & Data Security Practice Co-Chair Mark G. McCreary that provides students with real-world examples of the hazards they face online, useful tips they can use to identify risks and proactive steps they can take to protect themselves, their schools and their families from cyber threats.

California Consumer Privacy Act: What You Need to Know

Companies that are getting acclimated to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have a new and just as significant compliance challenge to confront: The California Consumer Privacy Act. The California Consumer Privacy Act, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2020, will change the way companies both inside and outside the state manage consumers’ personal data by conferring a new set of rights on consumers, and a new set of responsibilities on the companies that handle their data.
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Privacy Compliance & Data Security blog

Privacy compliance and electronic data security affect almost every business. Data breach prevention is essential. Fox Rothschild's Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog helps readers navigate through the policies and best practices of data breach response. The Blog covers topics such compliance with data protection laws, regulatory enforcement and litigation.
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HIPAA & Health Information Technology blog

Need information about the legal developments, issues, and other pertinent information relating the creation, use, and exchange of health information? Look to Fox's HIPAA, HITECH and Health Information Technology blog. Our multidisciplinary team of Fox attorneys discuss topics such as EHRs and PHRs; HIEs, RHIOs and EHR networks; privacy and security; breaches; recent legislation; intellectual property issues; physician perspectives; and litigation risks, among other related topics.
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Cybersecurity Readiness Report

Fox commissioned a cross-industry survey of chief executives to gauge corporate cybersecurity preparedness. While the survey found that many top executives appear to understand and recognize cyber threats, it also revealed that far too few companies have implemented vital defenses.

The survey examined five key areas of cybersecurity readiness:

  • Breach response plans
  • Budget priorities
  • Cyber liability policies
  • Determining risk severity
  • Training effectiveness

The report offers big-picture takeaways about best practices for cyber threat awareness and prevention.