Trusted Advisers, Innovative Solutions

Private and family-owned companies face unique formation, financing and governance issues in addition to the day-to-day operational and legal obstacles that confront all businesses. Our attorneys deliver innovative advice and custom solutions to a full range of private company challenges.

We understand closely held businesses because we've spent decades partnering with private company leadership to achieve their business goals. This understanding, combined with the detailed subject-area knowledge of colleagues in more than 70 practice areas, enables our attorneys to be ideally positioned to help companies succeed.

Deep Knowledge of Closely Held Businesses

Our Private Companies Practice Group helps privately held and family businesses — small to mid-sized companies, professional services firms, emerging companies and businesses that have been taken private — navigate governance issues, tax planning, capital raising, debt financing, mergers and acquisitions and succession planning. We've spent decades helping clients form, finance and grow their businesses to achieve their commercial goals while protecting and increasing the value of owners' and family members' investments. 

Broad Problem-Solving Resources

Regulatory compliance challenges, data breaches, trademark infringement ... private companies fight many of the same battles as their public counterparts, without the benefit of an in-house legal department to run interference. When clients face legal and operational challenges, we act as their point person, drawing on the deep knowledge and national experience of attorneys in practice areas such as Labor & Employment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Family Law, Privacy & Data Security and Taxation & Wealth Planning to solve their problems.