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Op Ed: For and Against PSE&G’s $4 Billion Grid Upgrade – A Special Package

March 25, 2013 – In The News
NJ Spotlight

PSE&G's proposed $4 billion filing to upgrade and enhance the resiliency of its power and natural gas grids has sparked off more than something of a stir among state officials, lawmakers, customers, and businesses across the state.

The utility argues that its Energy Strong program is a response to the flaws and shortcomings in its distribution systems revealed by Hurricane Sandy. The Division of Rate Counsel, meanwhile, has raised a flag that New Jersey consumers will end up bearing an inordinate burden for the upgrades.

NJ Spotlight seeks to encourage responsible debate on critical public issues. In that spirit, on the following pages we offer two Op-Eds, each taking a different side of the argument:

Philip K. Beachem, president of the New Jersey Alliance for Action, argues in favor of PSE&G's Proposal.

Fox Rothschild's Steven S. Goldenberg, legal counsel to the New Jersey Large Energy Users Coalition, presents the opposing argument.

Click here to read Goldenberg’s Op-Ed argument.