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Second Quarter 2010Newsletters

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  • Excessive Attorney's Fee Awards in FEHA Cases May Be Rejected Where Plaintiff's Damages Are Less Than $25,000 - View Article
  • Defining Compensable Work Time: Rutti v. Lojack - View Article
  • Recent Decision Makes It More Difficult To Claim Sexual Harassment - View Article
  • California Supreme Court Rules on Free Speech in a "Public Forum" - View Article
  • Alternatives To Layoffs: How the EDD May Help Your Business Reduce Costs and Retain Your Workforce - View Article
  • Class Action Plaintiffs Can't Mix Federal and State Claims - View Article
  • Even a Single Failure To Provide an Agreed-Upon Accommodation Can Be Costly - View Article
  • Reminder: Statutory Wage and Hour Rights Cannot Be Waived - View Article
  • Obama Makes Recess Appointments to the NLRB and EEOC - View Article
  • Recent Items From Our Blog - View Article