Chester County Completing Phase I of Countywide Stormwater Plan

May 2010Newsletters In the Zone

On April 6, 2010, Chester County's Water Resource Authority (CCWRA) held an informational meeting for its 73 municipalities on the Authority's efforts to create a countywide Act 167 plan for stormwater management. Act 167, enacted by the Pennsylvania legislature in 1978, requires stormwater plans to be established in each of Pennsylvania's watersheds, and subsequently, each affected municipality to amend its ordinances to reflect the plan. In recent years, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has permitted the creation of countywide plans in lieu of the watershed-by-watershed approach. CCWRA intends to adopt its much acclaimed planning document, "Watersheds ," with updated stormwater provisions, as its Act 167 plan.

CCWRA began the process of developing a countywide plan in 2008 and has conducted ongoing planning and informational meetings. However, the state grant funding the county's preliminary efforts expires at the end of June, so the CCWRA intends to complete its initial assessment and exploration of the county's stormwater needs by June 30, 2010.

To aid in this effort, all municipalities have been invited to review and comment on an exhaustive list of stormwater provisions pulled from various model ordinances. While CCWRA has not begun to develop a list of required and recommended practices, clearly, the first step is to assess what the municipalities deem necessary and appropriate.

While CCWRA hopes to complete the assessment phase by June 30, funding to proceed much beyond those efforts, and into developing a final stormwater plan, hinges on whether adequate funding will exist.

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