Complying With Federal Contractor Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Requirements

July 2020E-Books

Government contracts are often a critical source of business for many companies. However, companies that conduct business with federal and state governmental agencies must comply with a litany of complex laws and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action (AA) obligations to obtain and maintain their contractual relationships. Noncompliance comes with serious risks, including having the contract cancelled or debarment from future contracts. 

This resource provides guidance for federal contractors regarding EEO and AA requirements, regulations and laws, and delves into the following topics: 

  • Which federal laws/regulations require contractors to engage in EEO and AA?
  • When is an entity covered by and/or exempt from the EEO/AA obligations?
  • What are the EEO/AA requirements?
  • What belongs in an AAP?
  • How are a contractor’s compliance efforts monitored by the government?
  • What are the consequences if a covered entity fails to comply with its EEO/AA obligations?