Employment Law for the New York Hospitality Employer

Spring 2021Books

New York hospitality sector employers must navigate a maze of often conflicting, unintuitive laws and regulations.

While we cannot provide all the answers, we can guide you to the most important ones. In March 2021, we published the first chapter of a book that will provide some clarity and an overview of the employment laws about which a New York hospitality employer needs to be aware.

Given the enormity of issues to cover, we decided to serialize our work product, releasing a new chapter every month or so. Together, these chapters will comprise the book Employment Law for the New York Hospitality Employer. 

Note: Readers are urged to check back regularly for updates as the law is constantly evolving in this area and we intend to revise these chapters as necessary. This book is intended as a useful guide, but employers should consult counsel with any specific questions. 

Chapter 1 is Wage & Hour Law for the New York Hospitality Employer. Please find the time to review it and keep it nearby. But understand that it is still only a guideline, and we encourage you to speak with your own counsel if there are particular issues of concern.

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