Grand Jury in Corruption Trials Take Aim at PennDOT Unit

July 2010Newsletters In the Zone

While the so-called "Bonusgate" trials in Harrisburg, PA, have primarily focused on issues of state officials and employees politicking on the taxpayers' dime, the grand jury has made a number of recommendations on the way business is conducted in the state capitol.

As reported by The Patriot News , Gov. Rendell is "disbanding a special unit of the PennDOT that the grand jury said exists only to expedite paperwork for legislators seeking to win favor with voters." According to the report, the House Democrats and Republicans pay nearly $900,000 a year to staff the unit. The grand jury suggested a number of other reforms to the Pennsylvania legislature. The newspaper reports that the unit will be disbanded and the PennDOT staff in question reassigned. Assistance with PennDOT issues will still be available to legislators, but only through normal administrative channels.

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