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December 2010Newsletters

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  • Real Estate Tax Apportionment in Leases - View Article
  • Mortgage Deduction on the Chopping Block? - View Article
  • Cooperative Purchasing: What Is It, and What Does It Have To Do With My Building? - View Article
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court Upholds Invalidation of Schuylkill Township Sprinkler Ordinance - View Article
  • Delaware Supreme Court Clarifies Law Regarding Sealed Instruments - View Article
  • Lancaster Court of Common Pleas Rules on Permit Extension Law - View Article
  • PA Governor-Elect Tom Corbett Lays Out Environmental Priorities - View Article
  • EPA Strikes Onerous Numeric Limit From Stormwater Regulations - View Article
  • Pennsylvania Stormwater BMP Revision Committee Moving Forward - View Article
  • Pennsylvania Case of the Month - View Article
  • PA Commonwealth Court: DOT Satisfied Burden To Establish Taking of Agricultural Lands for Transportation Use - View Article
  • Update: Effective January 1, 2011, Delaware To Require Withholding of Income Tax on Sale or Exchange of Delaware Real Estate by Nonresidents - View Article
  • Pennsylvania Creates Housing Trust Fund - View Article
  • PA IRRC Approves New Dam Safety Regulations - View Article
  • Chairman’s Message: Residential Sprinkler Installation in Pennsylvania - View Article
  • Condominium Associations Should Take Care To Carefully Draft Documents - View Article