Lawsuits Not Only Way to Address Gender Discrimination in Law

September 10, 2016Articles Crain's Chicago Business

Donna B. More authored the Crain's Chicago Business article, "Lawsuits Not Only Way to Address Gender Discrimination in Law." 


Reading about Traci Ribeiro's gender discrimination suit shines a light on the quiet desperation of trying to win advancements when the hand you're dealt doesn't have trump cards ("For female lawyers, the hardest suit to file can be against your own firm," Aug. 20).

Here's what I mean. Most of us play Traci's way. We try to gain status and compensation equity by doing what the system teaches. We work harder. We put in more hours. We win important cases. We bring in new clients and revenue. And we do these laudable things thinking that the result will yield compensation parity with our male partners. Instead, the statistics verify Traci's reality. Women often don't advance at the same pace even though their work is on par with their male counterparts.

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