Lead-Based Paint Rules Go Into Effect – and New Amendments Announced

June 2010Newsletters In the Zone

On April 23, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that renovations and repairs of pre-1978 housing must now be conducted using safe practices to protect children and pregnant women from exposure to lead-based paint. Information on compliance can be found at the EPA Lead Safety web site. However, in the same notice, the EPA announced plans to move forward on several amendments to the now-effective rule. The proposed changes, include:

  • A final rule to apply lead-safe work practices to all pre-1978 homes, effectively closing an exemption that was created in 2008 for owner-occupied housing. The rule will become effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.
  • A notice of proposed rulemaking to require dust-wipe testing after most renovations and provide the results of the testing to the owners and occupants of the building. For some of these renovations, the proposal would require that lead dust levels after the renovation be below the regulatory hazard standards. The agency expects to finalize the rule by July 2011.
  • An advance notice of proposed rulemaking to announce the EPA's intention to apply lead-safe work practices to renovations on public and commercial buildings. The advance notice also announces the EPA's investigation into lead-based paint hazards that may be created by renovations on the interior of these public and commercial buildings. If the EPA determines that lead-based paint hazards are created by interior renovations, it will propose regulations to address the hazards.

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