Legislative Update in Pennsylvania

November 2012Articles In the Zone

House Bill No. 2595 proposes to amend what is known as the "Outdoor Advertising Control Act of 1971" (Act) by adding language to the Act that would further provide control criteria for the lighting of outdoor advertising signs pursuant to the Act. The Act generally provides for the control and regulation of outdoor advertising adjacent to the interstate and primary highway systems within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The proposed legislation, in pertinent part, would add additional regulations for the lighting of digital billboards. Specifically, the following language is proposed: "No sign that is a digital billboard may change the displayed message more frequently than once every six seconds. Display brightness shall not exceed 0.3-foot-candles over ambient light levels and the digital billboard shall have automatic dimming capabilities. Foot-candle readings shall be measured using an appropriate meter at a distance of 250 ft. perpendicular to the face of the digital billboard."

In essence, the proposed legislation would restrict how frequently a digital billboard may change its displayed message and also dictate the display brightness on digital billboards.

Shortly after House Bill No. 2595 was introduced, it was referred to the committee on transportation where it remains.