Legislative Update in Pennsylvania

January 2012Articles In the Zone

House Bill No. 1484 proposes to amend the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) by adding a definition of a new term, “mailed notice,” and providing a mechanism by which landowners and owners of a mineral interest in land can obtain notice of various public hearings.

First, the proposed legislation would add the following definition of “mailed notice” to the MPC: “[N]otice given by a municipality by first class mail to a landowner or an owner of a mineral interest in land of the time and place of a public hearing and the particular nature of the matter to be considered at the hearing.” It is interesting to note the proposed definition does not only include landowners but also includes owners of a mineral interest in land.

Mailed notice would be required by the MPC based on the proposed legislation only when a landowner or an owner of a mineral interest in land within a municipality has made a request that the notice be mailed and has supplied the municipality with a stamped, self-addressed envelope prior to the public hearing.

The proposed legislation would require the governing body hold public hearings pursuant to public notice and mailed notice in situations involving (1) adoption of the official map and amendments thereto, (2) enactment of subdivision and land development ordinances and/or amendments and (3) enactment of zoning ordinances and/or amendments.

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