Lehigh County Explores Sewer Capacity Expansion Options

July 2010Newsletters In the Zone

The Lehigh County Authority is examining its options to upgrade sewer treatment facilities and expand its current capacity. Combined with the City of Allentown, the authority serves much of central Lehigh County, PA. The authority has come up with four options to upgradesewage treatment capacity , including a major $221 million expansion of the Kline Island treatment plant, upgrades to Lehigh County Authority plant and/or various discharge options.

The wastewater treatment plant owned and operated by the City of Allentown has no additional capacity available to allocate for future needs. The plant can treat up to 40 million gallons of wastewater a day, on average, and all of that capacity has already been sold to the municipalities served by the plant or is held by Allentown for its needs. Based on economic growth projections for this region, additional capacity will be required in three to five years to meet the needs of existing and future customers.

A steering committee is being formed to allow key stakeholders to discuss the options that are available in a productive way. Stakeholders include municipalities and organizations that must decide the future of regional wastewater services, customers connected to the regional sewer system, organizations concerned about environmental impacts and others that have an interest. The authority held a public meeting on June 10, 2010 , to outline potential plans and hear from the community.

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