PA EQB Approves Administration of UECA Regulations

September 2010Newsletters In the Zone

On August 30, 2010, the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board approved as final form regulations the Administration of the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (Chapter 253).

The final regulations establish requirements for the submission of an environmental covenant to the Department of Environmental Protection as demonstration of attainment or maintenance of an environmental remediation standard under Act 2 or as part of a corrective action requirement under the Tank Act.

The final form regulations include provisions clarifying when an environmental covenant is required, how it should be created, what it must contain and when it must be submitted to the Department.

Pursuant to authority contained in UECA, the final rulemaking also establishes a fee to support Departmental review of environmental covenants submitted to the Department as part of a demonstration of attainment or maintenance of a remediation or corrective action standard.

The Department’s PowerPoint presentation as well as the comment-and-response document containing input received during the public participation process is available online.

The regulations will now be submitted to the Pennsylvania Independent Regulatory Review Commission for its consideration, as well as the respective state House and Senate Environmental Resources Committees.

For more information, please contact Clair E. Wischusen at 215.918.3559 or [email protected].