PA Uniform Construction Code Review & Advisory Council

November 2008 In The Zone

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On October 9, 2008, Governor Rendell signed into law legislation (HB 1096) that may affect the extent to which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adopts future triennial versions of the International Codes.

  • Act 106 of 2008 amends the Pennsylvania Construction Code to establish the Uniform Construction Code Review & Advisory Council.
  • The council of 19 members, appointed by the Governor, will represent various trades and professions including 11 individuals with housing/engineering/architect background and eight individuals with municipal/codes enforcement background.
  • The council will be charged with gathering information from various municipal officers, code officials and other professionals concerning issues about the Uniform Construction Code raised by council members or changes proposed by members of the state legislature. The council will then make recommendations to the governor, appropriate legislative committees, etc.
  • The council shall review the new and amended provisions contained in the triennial revisions of the codes issued by the ICC and will inform the Department of Labor & Industry of any code provisions that should be excluded from the UCC by May 1 of the issuance of the ICC code.
  • In making its determination, the council may consider: health, safety and welfare of the public; economic reasonableness and financial impact; and the technical feasibility of the provisions.
  • When adopting the latest version of the ICC codes, the Department of Labor & Industry shall exclude specific new or amended code provisions rejected by the council.

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