PA’s Climate Change Committee Continues Work

May 2010Newsletters In the Zone

As a result of the Climate Change Advisory Committee's recommendation and the state Department of Environmental Protection's commitment to address climate change adaptation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is beginning the planning process for the development of adaptation strategies. A public kick-off meeting was held on March 24, 2010, to discuss how to better understand the challenges resulting from climate impacts.

Committee participants are separating into various work groups to focus on specific areas of impact, namely, natural resources, infrastructure, tourism/outdoor activities and public health. Their goal is to prepare white papers for each respective group by the end of 2010.

Pennsylvania is responsible for one percent of the planet's man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Change Act (Act 70)—signed into law on July 9, 2008— included a number of goals, including the preparation of an action plan detailing measures Pennsylvania could take to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Prior to the publication of the Action Plan, the Pennsylvania Climate Impacts Assessment Report was published in June 2009. The report presented an assessment of the impacts of projected global climate change for Pennsylvania, including climate, human health, the economy and management of economic risk, forests, wildlife, fisheries, recreation, agriculture and tourism.

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