PennDOT Launching Online Permitting System

September 2011Newsletters In the Zone

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation hopes to launch a new statewide, online permitting system for Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP) in October 2011. PennDOT aims to speed permit review turnaround times as well as increase the availability of application status information.

The new online system will be phased in over the next two years, beginning in October. The system will allow applicants to file HOP submissions through PennDOT’s web site and permit them to view in real time a permit’s status, including its internal location and anticipated completion dates. Department comments to the application will be available online along with all other related documents.

By utilizing the speed offered by electronic filing and reviews, PennDOT hopes to eliminate wasted time resulting from mailing paper documents back and forth. Additionally, it will assist applicants who need immediate access to comments or information related to their project.

PennDOT District 6-0 has had an online system available to certain applications seeking an expedited review at a premium fee. However, the new online system will be statewide in scope and available for all HOP applications.
In order to access the new online system, applicants will need to obtain proper online credentials from the department. Additionally, PennDOT intends to continue accepting traditional paper applications for HOP approvals.

Training for the new online permitting system has been scheduled across Pennsylvania. PennDOT will be holding sessions in King of Prussia on October 24 and October 25.

For more information, please contact Carrie B. Nase at 215.299.2030 or [email protected].

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