Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination 2016


Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law: Employment Discrimination provides a thorough and focused examination of the federal, state and local equal opportunity and employment discrimination laws governing Pennsylvania employers and employees. It contains an up-to-date analysis of the most recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts within the Third Circuit and includes extensive appendices of statutory and administrative materials for easy reference.

Table of Contents

  1. Background and Sources of Law
    1. Introduction to Employment-At-Will and Its Exceptions
    2. Applicable Federal, State and Local Employment Discrimination Laws
    3. Coverage
  2. Theories of Discrimination and Methods of Proof
    1. Disparate Treatment
    2. Disparate Impact
    3. Mixed Motive
    4. Failure to Accommodate
    5. Harassment
    6. Retaliation
    7. "Pattern and Practice" Cases
    8. Reverse Discrimination and Affirmation Action
  3. Protected Classes and Characteristics and Issues Specific to Them
    1. Race and Color
    2. National Origin, Citizenship and Immigration Status
    3. Sex, Sexual Preference and Gender Identity
    4. Religion
    5. Age
    6. Disability
    7. GED Certificate
  4. Enforcement and Remedies
    1. In General
    2. The Administrative Charge Process
    3. Private Civil Actions
    4. Remedies

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