Pennsylvania Update: State Lawmakers Introduce Real Estate Legislation

February 10, 2020Alerts

Pennsylvania state lawmakers have introduced three bills that, if passed, would affect the real estate industry. Click on the linked bill numbers to view the latest version of each bill and its status.

1. House Bill 523, Private Road Maintenance

HB 523, introduced by Rep. Gary Day, would establish the allocation of maintenance responsibilities for a private road in the absence of a written agreement.

2. Senate Bill 334, Real Estate Tax Sales

SB 334, introduced by Sen. David Argyll, would provide under what circumstances a taxing authority may initiate an assessment appeal, including appeals initiated as a result of a sale.

3. Senate Bill 802, Common Interest Ownership Community Data Transparency

SB 802, introduced by Sen. Mario Scavello, would require the collection and publication, by county planning agencies, of data concerning common interest ownership communities in Pennsylvania, as well as the nature and state of the infrastructure owned or maintained by these communities, for use by first responders.