Proposed Legislation in Delaware – July 2010

July 2010Newsletters In the Zone

House Bill No. 392 proposes to require a landlord in a manufactured home community to make a community center available to a tenants' association or, if none exists, to a group of tenants to use to hold meetings addressing matters affecting or relating to the tenants' rights, obligations and/or privileges in and/or relating to the manufactured home community. Use of the community center by the tenants for such meetings shall be at no charge and shall be permitted within a reasonable amount of time after the tenants' association or group of tenants have made a request to the landlord. Representative Valerie Longhurst and Senator Bruce C. Ennis proposed this legislation. In the last several years, a great deal of new legislation has been enacted to protect the rights of tenants in manufactured home communities and to preserve housing in mobile home parks.

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