Proposed Legislation in Pennsylvania

July 2008Newsletters In The Zone

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House Bill No. 1812 proposes to amend the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) by adding a provision requiring further cooperation between contiguous municipalities in addressing proposed subdivisions, land developments, or changes of land use that may be a “development of regional significance and impact.”

The proposed new MPC provision, which would add Section 502.1(a)(2) to the MPC, provides that when a municipality considers a proposed subdivision, change of land use, or land development that may be a development of regional significance and impact, the municipality “shall provide notice of receipt of the application and the municipality’s consideration thereof to any contiguous municipality prior to any hearing on the application …. ”

Proposed House Bill No. 1812 states that the term “development of regional significance and impact” is to be further defined by published guideline of the county planning commission.

Additionally, proposed House Bill No. 1812 would require a county planning commission to provide similar notice as provided above to contiguous county planning commission(s) of the county or counties expected to be most impacted by the development.

For more information about this issue, contact David Comer at [email protected].