Proposed Legislation in Pennsylvania (March 2008)

March 2008Newsletters In The Zone

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Another bill has been introduced that proposes an educational impact fee on new developments within Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill No. 312, which proposes to add Section 501-B to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, would provide certain school districts with the “ability to assess the impact of new development and impose fees that will allow that district to make the requisite adjustments to address the increase in student population....”

The proposed bill provides that no subdivision plan approval or building permits may be issued without the applicant providing proof that the educational impact fee has been paid in full.

Furthermore, the proposed bill states that for a subdivision located in an eligible school district that imposes an educational impact fee, the subdivision plan must include an educational impact assessment with the following information:

  1. name and location of the proposed subdivision
  2. number and type of dwelling units proposed for the subdivision, including the target population that will be residing in the dwelling units
  3. approximate sales cost of each type of dwelling unit
  4. primary access roads to the proposed subdivision
  5. time frame for construction of the dwelling units
  6. estimate of the number of school-age children who can reasonably be expected to be residing in the dwelling units based on the demographic characteristics of similar housing located within the eligible school district

For more information about this legislation, contact David Comer at [email protected] or 215.661.9476.