Proposed Legislation in Pennsylvania (September 2006)

September 2006Newsletters In The Zone
House Bill No. 102 proposes to amend the Municipalities Planning Code ("MPC") by adding section 508.1, which would require the applicant for preliminary approval of a plat, which the MPC defines, in part, as “the map or plan of a subdivision or land development," to submit a copy or summary of the application to the superintendent of the school district in which the residential development is proposed. The school district then has 30 days after receiving the copy or summary of the application to submit written comments to the governing body or planning agency considering the residential development plan. If the school district does not respond in those 30 days, the planning agency or governing body is to proceed with consideration of the application. The proposed amendment also provides that "[n]othing in this section shall empower the school district with any authority to approve or deny any application for approval of a plat." Additionally, House Bill No. 102 proposes to add language similar to the foregoing to the article of the MPC addressing planned residential developments.