Rejuvenating Corporate Leadership Principles for Law Practices

December 14, 2015Articles Law Practice Today

Leadership probably wasn’t one of the classes you took in law school or one of the topics you studied for the bar examination. Yet now you have a law firm management role, either as a department head, practice group leader or managing partner. The downfall of too many law firms over the past five years led to much criticism of the model of law firm leadership. In recent years, law firms have said they were managing themselves more like businesses. For some firms, that meant a shift from simultaneous practice of law and firm management by key leaders. For others, it meant relying on a non-lawyer leadership model. Many if not most law firm leaders, however, are still balancing an active legal practice with other management responsibilities. Regardless of where your firm falls on the spectrum, let’s look at how you can transform your firm by applying corporate leadership principles to law firm management.

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