Robert’s Rules May Be Out of Order

October 2006Articles Credit Union Magazine

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When boards are asked what rules of order they follow to conduct monthly, annual membership, and special meetings, most undoubtedly answer either, “Robert’s Rules of Order,” or “We’re a collegial group that uses common sense.” If your credit union gives either answer, the time has come to consider rules of order that fit your credit union.

Rules of order address procedures such as the order of business, how motions are made, the order that motions are considered, quorums, and voting.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) never has required federal credit unions to adopt rules of order for meetings. In Article IV of its 1999 bylaw revisions, the agency suggested the annual meeting order of business follow Robert’s Rules of Order. NCUA, however, didn’t mandate federal credit unions to adopt the 1999 bylaws, which is why the agency only suggested Robert’s Rules.