Senate Bill No. 291 Proposes to Amend the Municipalities Planning Code

July 2006Newsletters In The Zone

As seen in the July 2006 In The Zone newsletter.

Senate Bill No. 291 proposes to amend the Municipalities Planning Code ("MPC") by adding an article (Article VIII-B) that would allow "two or more municipalities located wholly or partially within the boundaries of a watershed ... to enter into an agreement which shall identify the common watershed and each participating municipality's intention to adopt or amend a zoning ordinance to create a joint watershed resource protection overlay district. ..." The bill provides that the agreement may be for several purposes, including "[t]o regulate development within the watershed in a manner consistent with watershed storm water plan or plans applicable in the common watershed of each of the municipalities which have entered into the agreement." The proposed Article VIII-B also includes, among other things, a definitional section and a method for amending a zoning ordinance providing for joint watershed zoning.