Senators Seek To REIN in Federal Regulations

March 2011Newsletters In the Zone

In an effort to decrease thousands of pages of federal regulations, 25 U.S. senators are co-sponsoring a bill designed to curb the growth of federal administrative law. The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2011 , introduced by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), would require Congress to approve every new major rule proposed by the executive branch before it can be implemented and enforced.

Under the REINS Act, major rules drafted by an administrative agency would require approval by both bodies of Congress and the signature of the president. A major rule is any rule the Office of Management and Budget finds may result in an annual impact of $100 million or more; a major increase in costs for consumers; or significant adverse effects on the economy.
The legislation would reverse the century-old trend of Congress delegating its regulatory authority through various forms of enabling legislation to agencies with technical expertise.

Proponents claim the administration has a history of using back-door regulations to enact policies it cannot pass through legislation. The legislation seeks to deny unelected bureaucrats unchecked power to make policy without the affirmative consent of Congress.

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