Top Myths About Pennsylvania’s Building Code

April 2010Newsletters In The Zone

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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry released its "Top 5" myths concerning the Uniform Construction Code.

Here are the Top 5 UCC "urban legends:"

Myth #1
Residential sprinkler designers and installers must be certified to perform these services in Pennsylvania.

Myth #2
Any building holding an L&I certificate of occupancy and undergoing alterations (in an opt-in municipality) must satisfy all current code requirements.

Myth #3
A UCC demolition permit is required to tear down an agricultural building.

Myth #4
Opt-in municipalities can establish shorter [shorter than five years] expiration dates for residential building permits, without amending their UCC ordinance and without securing L&I approval of this ordinance change.

Myth #5
REScheck cannot be used to demonstrate compliance with the energy conservation code requirements for residential construction.

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