Untangling the Web of International Trade

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The myriad laws and regulations governing international trade can be a dizzying maze for companies doing business across national borders. The rapidly expanding global marketplace means the rules impacting the international movement of technology and products are extensive and dynamic.

Failing to navigate that regulatory and legal web correctly can have damaging consequences – from hurting the bottom line to criminal charges for company employees. Fox Rothschild LLP offers clients a team fluent in the complex web of international trade laws and regulations. We represent clients in all aspects of trade regulation before regulatory agencies including Customs, Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC),Directorate of DefenseTrade Controls (DDTC), Bureau of Export Administration and the Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) as well as before the Court of InternationalTrade and other federal jurisdictions.

Our lawyers guide clients through the maze with sophisticated advice on structuring internal compliance programs, complying with both domestic and international requirements and maximizing business opportunities. Whether you are an importer, exporter or producer,we can assist you with risk management, cost-savings tactics and trade-related business strategies. Because trade law often straddles an array of practice areas, our attorneys work seamlessly across offices and areas of the law to ensure clients receive comprehensive advice on their trade challenges.