Update: Florida Extends Ban on Certain Evictions Through July 1

May 18, 2020Alerts

On June 1, 2020, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis again extended Executive Order 20-94, which banned certain real estate evictions, through July 1, 2020. 

Executive Order 20-94 suspends all statutes “providing for a mortgage foreclosure cause of action.” For evictions, the order states that tenants may not be removed for nonpayment, indicating evictions for other reasons are still in bounds. While this executive order provides protection against certain evictions and foreclosures, it does not provide tenants or homeowners any financial relief. In other words, back rental payments and mortgage payments will still be owed to the lender or landlord once this order is lifted.

As previously reported, courts have advised that eviction actions continue to be filed during the moratorium, creating a backlog of cases, but summons are not being served and the time for tenants to respond to eviction complaints is suspended during the moratorium. 

In light of Gov. DeSantis’ extension of the moratorium, landlords may want to think twice before moving forward with filing evictions. Landlords should make every effort to find amicable arrangements to help tenants work towards full payment of rent and should put any alternative payment arrangements in writing to ensure future payment. In doing so, landlords may avoid costly litigation and eviction disputes and more importantly, avoid negative press.