USPTO Launches Patent Licensing Platform to Promote COVID-19 Technology Development

August 10, 2020Alerts

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has launched a new web-based intellectual property marketplace, Patents 4 Partnerships, that provides a platform for patent owners to list patents and published patent applications available for licensing in the field of COVID-19 technologies.

According to a USPTO press release, the P4P platform aims to “facilitate the voluntary licensing and commercialization of innovations in a variety of key technologies” related to the “prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of COVID-19.” Although the P4P platform is initially limited to COVID-19 related technologies, USPTO Director Andrei Iancu said in an interview that the platform might be expanded in the future to include other technologies such as artificial intelligence innovations and cancer treatments (Cancer Moonshot program) based on the public response and engagement.

The P4P platform currently lists 881 granted U.S. patents and pending U.S. patent applications – assigned to both academic and industrial applicants – that cover diverse technologies in the field of detection, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19. Owners of U.S. patents and applications claiming technologies that they believe are related to the prevention, treatment, diagnosis, protection from or alleviation of symptoms of coronaviruses in general, and COVID-19 in particular, can apply to have their IP listed on the P4P platform using this form.

Patent owners can benefit from the P4P platform because it provides a channel to monetize underutilized IP assets. A potential licensee, on the other hand, can utilize the platform to find patents in a technology of interest that align with their business plans and are immediately available for license.

Patent owners and potential licensees who are interested in listing or licensing technologies using the P4P platform are encouraged to reach out to the Fox Rothschild Patents team to guide them through this process.