Yoga Wellness Program

November 2013Articles WLALA E-Newsletter

Are you looking for a little inspiration? A fun way to jump start your workouts and a healthy outlet to burn off some stress? A motivating way to get Substance Abuse CLE credit before the January deadline? If so, then please join me for a very special CLE at YAS Venice on Saturday afternoon, December 8th, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. There will be an hour of inspiration followed by an hour of yoga, both featuring YAS founder, Kimberly Fowler.

Kimberly Fowler is a lawyer, survivor, entrepreneur, athlete, business owner, author and most important to me, a friend. She founded YAS 12 years ago, the first studio to combine indoor cycling and yoga. She now runs a fitness empire, including a clothing line, accessories (including super cool skull yoga mats), DVDs and books (her most recent book, Flat Belly Yoga, was just published). As a reformed COO and lawyer, she knows a thing or two about the rigors of law practice and business, and how to work off that stress in a productive way. While so many lawyers turn to substances to “numb out” Kimberly will inspire you instead to take some time for you, to honor yourself. As she likes to say “I’m not your guru, you are.” YAS yoga is “no chanting, no granola, and no Sanskirt.” Unlike everything else we do, there is no competition in yoga. There is just acceptance, breath, and getting in tune with your body. Yes, we all like wine, but we need positive outlets too.

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